Space-based sequels to horror films

Space-based sequels to horror films

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Horror movie sequels are usually popular, and viewers yearn for the next fright. What happens when monsters travel to space? 5 horror villains travelled to space. Some succeeded, some didn't.

The Leprechaun

Leprechaun 4: In Space is the series' sleeper. Yes, it's set in space, but that's what makes it awesome. Leprechaun 4 takes a ludicrous idea and makes it "unique." Practical effects, clever murders, and Leprechaun quips will have you rolling. If you like the Leprechaun series or horror flicks, watch Leprechaun 4: In Space.


The series' prequel and continuation is titled Hellraiser: Bloodline. the years 1700, 1990, and 2200. I didn't had high hopes for the fourth episode since I mostly watch it for Pinhead and the Cenobites. There's something cold, scary, and diabolical about Doug Bradley. Who cares if it's difficult to grasp and makes no sense? Even if you've seen Hellraiser, you should see Bloodline since Pinhead's moments are so horrifying. This book should be read by everyone who liked Hellraiser or other Clive Barker works. It's an interesting journey even without any reasoning.


I'll confess that the announcement that Critters 4 will take place in space piqued my interest and got me excited. I mean, how could they possible beat the work that they had done in the prior Critters movies? But then I looked at the cast list, and it didn't appear very good at all. Where is Brad Dourif? Angela Bassett? And what about the renowned Danish actor Anders Hove? I simply couldn't fathom how something like this could work out.

When I eventually watched Critters 4, all of my worst concerns were realized to be true. The plot was poor, the characters were terrible, and the environment was a terrible rip-off of other brands' settings. When viewed from the standpoint of a fan, it is especially disappointing since the very elements that made earlier installments in the series distinctive and interesting have either been eliminated entirely or are simply not there at all. The fourth installment of the Critters series is a shambles and a major letdown.


Dracula 3000 is one of those rare awful horror films that is so horrible it's practically impossible to see. I really dislike Dracula 3000. Even if it's terrible throughout, my primary complaint is that the finale was a horrible cop-out that left me completely disappointed. "Dracula in Space" was supposed to be so awful it's good, but instead it was so bad it was dreadful. The notion is entertaining, but the performance is poor and the conversation is awful. If you want to feel unhappy for the rest of the day, I suggest viewing it.

Also, Coolio. It has Coolio in it. Did I already say that?

Jason Voorhees

Jason X is the most well-known horror film sequel in which the villain travels to space. Jason Voorhees is the man, the tale, and the myth. It makes no difference how he arrived into space. Nobody cares why he's in space. All that counts is that Jason is in space, ready to cause mayhem.

In my view, Jason X is worth seeing for easter eggs and nods to past Friday the 13th movies, as well as his metamorphosis into Uber Jason.

While not everyone will like this film, horror movie aficionados who enjoy gory, cheesy slasher movies should definitely check it out.


Horror (news source) movie sequels are a VERY mixed bag. As in Leprechaun 4: In Space, there are sequels that take an already absurd idea and elevate it to a new level of awesomeness. Others, like Dracula 3000, are so terrible they're virtually unwatchable. If you're a horror movie enthusiast, it's certainly worth checking out some of the most iconic horror movie sequels in space. It's possible that you'll discover a new favorite horror film.

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