Evil Bong Video By Decker Shado

Evil Bong Video By Decker Shado

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Evil Bong review

In this silly comedy, a gang of stoners inhales more than they bargained for when they use a cursed bong. After seeing an advertisement in High Times, the boys acquire a historic bong with the name EeBee from an antiques store. They had no clue that the bong, which has been haunted, would lead them into an unimaginable nightmare. Tommy Chong, EeBee's previous owner and the only one who knows the bong's power, attempts to save them as they published here struggle for their lives.

My Review for Evil Bong: Tired of hearing marijuana will kill you? Instead, watch Charles Band's version of the bong's demise. See whether Evil Bong is worth a toke or if this should be criminalized in my first holiday special of my review show.

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